Posted by Steve Sergi on Dec 16, 2019 11:48:46 AM

I had a VP at a multi-billion-dollar defense contractor email me recently with an urgent request.   I had never done any business with him, but he was personally referred to me by a guy we’ve supported on multiple 100+ person programs over the years. So, of course, I responded to him.   The quick email conversation with this VP (let’s call him Joe) served as one more reminder to me of the power of building relationships in the service industry.    More importantly, Joe isn’t getting his jobs filled.   And, it’s primarily his fault. 

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7 Signs Your (Internal) Recruiter Sucks

Posted by Steve Sergi on Nov 18, 2019 10:29:34 AM

Business is good. Customer base is growing. Sales team is working hard bringing in new business. The questions keeping you up at night are now, “Can we find the people to deliver our product on time.” Maybe your sales and operations team doesn’t know it, but you know it. If everything in the sales pipeline hits, you have an entirely new problem. You can’t fill the order because you might not have the people to deliver it. The Recruiting team you’ve assembled is paid to step up when your sales team has successfully identified and closed new business. Perhaps you are involved with weekly meetings tracking open job requisitions, candidate pipeline, interviewing activity, and offer letter status. The spreadsheets may even look great, fancy colors and full of data. But the big question making you uncomfortable still goes unanswered. Can you really count on your Recruiter? Before your Sales team celebrates its next big win, take a few minutes and ask yourself if you see any of these signs that your Recruiter just can’t get the job done:

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Time to Engage a Recruiting Firm?

Posted by Steve Sergi on Nov 7, 2019 5:38:12 PM

Is it time to engage a Recruiting firm?

So your business is steadily growing.    You’ve built a healthy base of customers and your service is in demand.    Payroll is no longer your #1 concern – finding qualified people to join your company is the most significant challenge now.   Congratulations!   You’re competing in the game of business in 2019.    It matters not what industry you’re in, today’s vibrant economy has turned into a seller’s market for software engineers, nurses, truck drivers and more.    To win in today’s business climate, you must build a pipeline of talented human beings who fit your culture and buy into your vision.    You have options.  Hiring an internal Recruiter, spending some money on job boards, increasing your Employee Referral program may work.    Or what you really might need is a secret weapon, a high powered recruiting firm you trust to serve as an extension of your company.    (More on how to find this firm another time.)

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