Three Biggest Blunders I Made as a Recruiter

Posted by Daniel Hong on Feb 10, 2020 5:44:41 PM

As with all professions, recruiting has many obstacles and challenges to overcome on the way to mastering the craft.  For me, starting my first Recruiting job in 2016 after a few years working retail, there are countless mistakes I remember making along the way.   However, nearly 4 years of mistakes propelled me to incredible success and I’m a Top Producer for my firm today.   For some good comedy, and to inspire other Recruiters with similar struggles, I took time to recreate the three biggest blunders I made as a young Recruiter:

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Your Recruiter = Your Buddy

Posted by Steve Sergi on Dec 30, 2019 10:48:47 AM

My son is graduating college and wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing professional soccer.   In order to get started with finding trials, project his draft position, determine his value, and negotiate contracts, he needed some help.   We thought we could do this all on our own, but boy were we wrong.    Turns out, we needed a good Agent to get the entire process moving in the right direction.    So, we made some calls, asked some friends in the soccer community for recommendations and interviewed a lot of Agents.   It took a few weeks, but my 23-year old son called me one afternoon, excited, and told me: “Dad, I’m signing with Paul Graf at Optum One.   You know why, Dad?   He calls me with good leads, and he’s my buddy.”  (Read: 5 Reasons I will Put Your Resume On My Client’s Desk for why this matters)

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Time to Engage a Recruiting Firm?

Posted by Steve Sergi on Nov 7, 2019 5:38:12 PM

Is it time to engage a Recruiting firm?

So your business is steadily growing.    You’ve built a healthy base of customers and your service is in demand.    Payroll is no longer your #1 concern – finding qualified people to join your company is the most significant challenge now.   Congratulations!   You’re competing in the game of business in 2019.    It matters not what industry you’re in, today’s vibrant economy has turned into a seller’s market for software engineers, nurses, truck drivers and more.    To win in today’s business climate, you must build a pipeline of talented human beings who fit your culture and buy into your vision.    You have options.  Hiring an internal Recruiter, spending some money on job boards, increasing your Employee Referral program may work.    Or what you really might need is a secret weapon, a high powered recruiting firm you trust to serve as an extension of your company.    (More on how to find this firm another time.)

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