Your Recruiter = Your Buddy

Posted by Steve Sergi on Dec 30, 2019 10:48:47 AM

My son is graduating college and wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing professional soccer.   In order to get started with finding trials, project his draft position, determine his value, and negotiate contracts, he needed some help.   We thought we could do this all on our own, but boy were we wrong.    Turns out, we needed a good Agent to get the entire process moving in the right direction.    So, we made some calls, asked some friends in the soccer community for recommendations and interviewed a lot of Agents.   It took a few weeks, but my 23-year old son called me one afternoon, excited, and told me: “Dad, I’m signing with Paul Graf at Optum One.   You know why, Dad?   He calls me with good leads, and he’s my buddy.”  (Read: 5 Reasons I will Put Your Resume On My Client’s Desk for why this matters)

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5 Reasons I will put Your Resume on my Client’s Desk

Posted by Steve Sergi on Dec 2, 2019 12:28:08 PM

Often times I’m asked by friends in my network who are looking for a new job, “Hey Steve, I’ve sent out 50 resumes today, but I haven’t heard anything back from the companies.  What am I doing wrong?   Should I call the Recruiters?   Call the company HR Manager?  What should I do?”   I feel the frustration, the despair of not knowing what to do.   Unemployment is at a record low, so struggling to secure a response from a job application can be a punch to the gut today more than ever.   My response is usually the same.  First, I choke on my Grande Starbucks as I painfully ponder the time and effort it must take to send out 50 resumes.   Then I reassure my friend that they will hear back from someone.  But it takes time.   The employment process will take time (usually 3-6 months for the right job, according to Vicki Salemi, Monster career expert!),  and it is helpful to engage a good, experienced Recruiter to work on your behalf.   

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